Doris Buffet’s Women’s Independence Scholarship Program recently celebrated the graduation of their 2,000th scholar and it isn’t slowing down By Allison Barrett Carter StarNews Correspondent http://www.starnewsonline.com/entertainment/20161008/womens-independence-scholarship-program-has-helped-2000-women When Doris Buffet started the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (“WISP”) in 1999, she was hoping it would last 10 
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The Fruit Of Warren Buffett’s Billions At Work In Boston January 25, 2017 TINA MARTIN http://news.wgbh.org/2017/01/25/local-news/fruit-warren-buffetts-billions-work-boston These letters are from people from all across the country who are desperate for help…. Noni Campbell with the Letters Foundation says. “Somebody would say I’m on disability and 
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