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The Fruit Of Warren Buffett’s Billions At Work In Boston

January 25, 2017


These letters are from people from all across the country who are desperate for help….

Noni Campbell with the Letters Foundation says.

“Somebody would say I’m on disability and I need dentures and I don’t have any money could you help me with dentures.”

Some are hand written others are typed but they all come to the Letters Foundation, run by billionaire Warren Buffets older sister Doris.

She started reading letters at the request of her brother who was flooded with pleas for help. Noni Campbell is a longtime friend of Doris who is lovingly called “Do-Do” they met more than a decade ago she says,

“She had a blue sofa in her condo up in Maine and she would be sitting in one little corner of it and the entire sofa was piled with letters from people. Boxes and boxes.”

And all of those boxes came with Doris Buffet when she moved to Boston last year but she needed help reading them.

1200 people volunteered. Emily Holland was one of them she says,

“I think we don’t want to believe how easy it is to fall into a situation that’s overwhelming or that we feel like we can’t get out of.”

Volunteers are being trained over the next several weeks, but Amy Kingman with the Letters Foundation says not everyone will read letters,

“We actually created a new role which is the group a number of people here training today and those are our researchers.”

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