Change Your World


Change Your World is a scholarship for the children of women who have completed their educational programs with the help of WISP.

Who can apply:

  • Child of a WISP graduate
  • Between the ages of 17-30
  • Demonstrated financial need

When to apply:

  • Fall: Application open April 1-June 1
  • Spring: Applications open October 1-December 1

Things to know:

  • Maximum award is $3000/academic year depending on enrollment and is paid to the educational institution
  • Lifetime maximum award is $15,000
  • Maximum awards are not guaranteed
  • Renewable each year
  • Full or part-time enrollment status
  • Preference given to undergraduate students pursuing their first degree; a certificate; or a trade program


If you are a first-time applicant apply here.

If you have already applied for and/or received a Change Your World scholarship reapply here.

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Not sure which application to use?  Email or click here to request assistance.