The Story of How WISP Came About

As a young wife and mother living in Colorado, Doris became involved in early efforts to provide safety to women fleeing abusive situations through her friends, who started a local shelter. Years later, while attending a conference on domestic violence, having learned that economic barriers were primary reasons a woman might stay in an abusive relationship – the idea for WISP was sparked.

WISP, Inc. is a private nonprofit agency founded by Doris Buffett and funded solely through her generosity. Our organization reflects the mid-western values and no-nonsense approach to decision-making that Doris grew up with in Omaha, Nebraska. Each scholarship is considered an investment, and the decision to grant funds is always based on an expected successful return. Doris Buffett is grateful to her father and brother not only for providing her with the wealth to fund the foundation but also for their inspirational examples of integrity and generosity.

Doris is passionate about her responsibilities as a philanthropist and good citizen; her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. Among her many other roles, she has been a first grade teacher, domestic violence crusader, political activist, mother and grandmother. She is the self-appointed Buffett family genealogist and her avocation is historic preservation.

Meet Doris