Narrative Questions


Please provide brief answers (a few sentences to a paragraph) to the following questions about education, patterns of abuse, and overcoming challenges.  If you have difficulty answering these questions please reach out to your sponsor or WISP coordinator for help.



How did you decide on the school and program you chose to attend?




Describe how you will use your education to get a job that will allow you to be financially self-sufficient.




Many students face challenges along their educational journey.  What hurdles do you think might get in your way and what is your plan to handle them?




How long were you in an abusive relationship?  When did the relationship end (MM/YY)?




By their very nature, abusive relationships have a component of power and control within the dynamics of the interaction.  What patterns were demonstrated in your relationship?  How do you feel you have grown from this experience?




Have you been involved with the legal system in the last 5 years?  What were the circumstances? How will this affect future employment?




“Resilience is a process of navigating through adversity, using internal and external resources (personal qualities, relationships, and community and cultural factors) to support healthy adaptation, recovery, and successful outcomes.”* You are resilient.  Please share how have you overcome the difficulties you have had to face.  What did you learn about yourself as a result?




Is there anything else you think is important for us to know?