AA Business Administration, Class of 2018

Your organization gives me the hope I thought was lost. You are part of my story; more so, your support gives me the leverage to succeed academically.


BS Sports Management, Class of 2018

Just knowing that this scholarship is available gave me the spark of hope I needed to think that my education was actually possible.


BA Human Services, Class of 2016

The WISP program helped me in a way that no one else would. It was granted at a crucial time in my life, when there were no resources in sight. You are a gateway for women to get beyond their circumstance and see a light within a darkness that cannot be fathomed without having gone through domestic violence.


BS Technology, Class of 2017

I couldn’t have completed my degree without you. I cannot impress upon you how much you have changed the trajectory of my life and the lives of my children. The work you do is literally life changing and I am proof of that.