Monday Message 5.28.18 Encourage

Encourage: verb
1.  Give support, confidence, or hope to someone.
2.  Give support and advice to someone so that they will do or continue to do something.
3.  Help or stimulate an activity, state, or view to develop.

At WISP we do our best to offer encouragement as opposed to advice. The word encourage comes from the Old French word “encoragier” meaning “make strong, hearten” which is something everybody needs from time to time.

When you’re facing a challenge – or a series of challenges – it helps to have someone in your corner who can hold onto the certainty that you’ll get through it. It’s very easy to lose that perspective in the middle of chaos. Everyone here at WISP holds that certainty for all of our scholarship recipients. And, to be clear, that certainty is based in fact because each of you have demonstrated success in facing and overcoming the challenges that every semester presents.

WISP Graduates have their own words of encouragement to share:

“To someone that is just starting out school or going through the process of completing; there is an amazing light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Continue until the finish line.”
Maribel, Associates in Administration of Justice, May 2018

“Use all the resources you have, no matter how hard it gets remember that what you are going through is just temporary. Trust the process and remember your why.”
Jessica, BSW, May 2018

“You are starting a whole new journey to create who you are destined to be. Accomplish what you can every day and continue to be true to yourself. Persevere.”
Michelle, MA Family Advocacy and Public Policy, May 2018

“Please pursue your dreams, your independence and you deserve it and you must own it!”
Elza, BA Health Science/Professional Development/Advanced Patient Care, May 2018

“Keep going! Baby steps all the way!”
Teresa, BA Criminal Justice, June 2018

“Get plenty of rest, especially before a huge exam or test. If you don’t you may experience what is called brain mush…you won’t even know how to spell your own name or what 1+1 is…believe me it happens.”
Ruby, AAS Multimedia, March 2018

“This is your legacy and your story does not have to match anyone else’s. Remember your past doesn’t define your future.”
Melissa, Associates in General Studies, December 2017

“Even if you think you won’t be able to make it to the end, start.”
Leah, MA Special Education, September 2017

“Getting an education was not meant to be an easy process, or everyone would have their degree. Focus on what is important to you and your family, dig deep, and work through your obstacles.”
Eryn, Bachelors in Business Management, May 2017

“Never underestimate your strength to survive and to climb mountains. Your indomitable spirit got you through incredibly painful situations and it will continue to carry and guide you throughout your life.”
Yezmin, BA Women’s Studies and Politics, May 2017

“If you are willing to put in the effort and time anything is possible.”
Michelle, Paramedic License, September 2017

“Be still, focus, use every possible resource offered by the school to succeed. Exhaust them! Don’t give up, and last but not least, you are doing GREAT and you can do it!”
Shirley, RN, August 2017

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